From Lego as a child, through hobby electronics and the metalshop at school while a teenager, I have always enjoyed making things. I seem happiest where the real world and the digital one collide. I qualified with a degree in Cybernetics, this is not a coincidence.

A picture of 3D printed Pangolins


I love technology! I feel quite privaliged to live in an era where the most wonderful things are commonplace and accessible.


A Westerly Nimrod, same age as me, and the perfect partner for a swim in the Gaasperplas.

Days in the life

I share my life with two cats, Bobby the Bobtail, and Chucky the Ginger Tom, I also have a couple of Aquariums full of tropical fish. I like cooking, watching Sci-Fi serials, growing food on my balcony and being able to live in Amsterdam, a beautiful city.

Some images from the World, taken in passing. I also have some    Webcams in my workshop